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Week In Review, March 7, 2004

March 8 A Big Date
International Women's Day

IWD is a holiday, like May Day, with roots in the USA but celebrated mainly in other lands. The first Women's Day was organized in 1908 by socialist women fighting for the right to vote and promoting organization of women workers through the Women's Trade Union League. The following year they organized a mass demonstration in New York in preparation for a major garment worker strike. Their actions inspired a 1910 Women's Conference of the Socialist International to proclaim an annual coordinated International Women's Day, beginning in 1911. We’ll carry some special IWD features on the Daily Labor News Digest Monday.

Anniversary of the Beginning of the Russian Revolution

In 1917 an IWD demonstration in Petrograd (later Leningrad, now St Petersburg) became the launching pad for the revolution that overthrew the Russian Czar. Eight months later the Bolsheviks completed the revolution that established the Soviet Union. IWD was then established as an official national holiday by the Soviet government.

KC Labor Launched In 2000

Okay, maybe not on the same scale, but we are observing completion of four years of operation of this web site. With your continued support we look forward to the fifth.

Speaking of May Day...
For those of you in the Kansas City area please hold the date of Saturday afternoon, May 1. The local Labor Party is in the process of contacting other groups to put together an old-fashioned May Day celebration. We’ll keep you informed of progress.

New ‘Coalition of the Willing’ in Haiti
Some opponents of the Iraq war used to carry French tri-colors at antiwar demonstrations to show appreciation for what they perceived as the peace loving French government. Hawks and chicken-hawks on the other hand switched to California wine and Freedom Fries to protest French betrayal. But the two governments are back arm-in-arm again in a joint operation to carry out a coup in Haiti and to occupy the poorest country in our hemisphere. They have drawn in some others who were reluctant to embrace the Bush Doctrine in Iraq—such as Canada, Chile, and even the "workers government" in Brazil. A reminder that while bosses’ governments may have tactical differences among themselves from time to time we can’t rely upon them to achieve peace. That’s why working people need a strong, independent antiwar movement.

He Said a Mouth Full...
Billionaire Democrat Warren Buffett, commenting on Bush’s tax cuts for the rich, "If this is class war then my class is winning."

A Familiar Refrain From Twin Cities Transit Bosses
Slashed health care benefits. That’s perhaps the number one threat confronting ATU Local 1005 in the Twin Cities. They hit the bricks early Thursday morning and expect to be out quite some time. The company wants to cut health care for retirees as well as the 2200 union drivers, maintenance and clerical workers presently employed. The final offer included a wage freeze for the first year, followed by a whopping one per cent in the second, and establishing two-tier rates in some classifications.

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