A day for mass protest to dismiss the “ interim government” and expel the US occupying troops from Iraq


After the UN Security Council has passed its resolution 1546, America is now going to legitimize the current “interim government” under the name of “authority handover” planed on June 30. This government is the outcome of the USA policies based on starving millions, wars, destruction, killing, torture and the disintegration of the civil society in Iraq. The “ Interim government” will rely totally on the support of US and its allies’ troops.


This government is not only incapable of providing bread, stability, freedom, ensuring a humane future for people and saving the society from the dark scenario which is unfolding in Iraq, but also it is established to save the US political projects from fiasco and to ensure the success of the first step toward establishing the “New World Order”. This government survival will be based on war and killing and on the expense of children, women, workers and toilers in Iraq.


But, who are those grouped in this interim government? They are a collection of Arab and Kurdish ethnocentric and Islamic groups who supported over the last 12 years the sanctions, wars and killings by America against the Iraqis. In addition to some head of tribes, remnants of the Baath regime and politics dealers who have accumulated their wealth by supporting bloodshed and destruction who have been on the payroll of the C.I.A. Those are the people who are supposed to be legitimized under the name of “authority handover” and to be in control of the rights and freedoms of the masses in Iraq under the American democracy and according to Islamic Sharia, and the sectarian and ethnocentric identities. Thus, such a government is illegitimate and is imposed on the masses from above.


This government must be forced to resign through mass struggle and to hand the authority over to a government that represents people in Iraq.


        The US occupation must end and all coalition forces must withdraw immediately from Iraq. All the international organs must officially recognize the Iraqi masses’ right to determine their destiny.


        Only a government consisted of the representatives of the masses and based on their direct intervention and supported by the international civilized humanity is able to save the Iraqi society from the current impasse and provide bread, stability, freedom and civility.


The Worker-communist Party of Iraq stands in the forefront of the mass struggle to force the “interim government” to resign, end the occupation and expel the US and its allies’ troops from Iraq. We declare 30/6/2004 a day of protest and therefore will organize protest demonstrations and sit-ins before the USA embassies in Europe, Canada and Australia.


The Worker-communist Party of Iraq calls upon all labour and left parties and organizations and freedom loving people worldwide to stand by the masses in Iraq and support their demands. It also calls upon them to participate in these demonstrations and sit-in. Our demonstrations and sit-ins in Europe, Canada and Australia will be on June 28 to 30.


Worker-communist Party of Iraq

Abroad organization