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Martin Luther King, Repression of Dissent, and War
A Leaflet Prepared and Distributed by Blake Pendergrass for a Meeting Sponsored by 
Students for Peace and Social Justice (Miami University of Oxford Ohio)

Labour Party Pakistan reaction to General Musharaf speech 

LPP Hosts Children's Peace Demo at Lahore

Peace and Justice Resolution
Passed by WashTech General Assembly on December 12, 2001

Peace rally on New Year night in Pakistan

Is India- Pakistan war Imminent?
by Farooq Tariq

First Worker-to-Worker Solidarity Shipment Sent to Afghanistan

Afghan People Need Peace and Prosperity 
We have no trust on the present interim set up
by Amir Suhail, LPP Lahore information secretary

Afghan Workers Need Our Help—Click to Find Out What You Can Do

Labor Party Statement on the 9-11 Crisis

A New Exchange From an International Discussion

The War Is Over
by Eric Lee
Winning Wars and White Man’s Burden

by Bill Onasch

Confederation Generale du Travail - France
Korean Confederation of Trade Unions

Unified Trade Union Federation of Brazil

An Exchange From an International Discussion

The Case for Military Action
Why democratic socialists and trade unionists should back this war

by Eric Lee
Sorting Out Terrorism From the ‘War Against Terrorism’
by Bill Onasch

War Is a Working Class Issue
The Working Class, Terrorism, and War
Some Labor Responses to Terrorist Attacks

From American Labor's Antiwar Heritage

Eugene Debs, "The Canton, Ohio Speech,"
June 1918 For Which He Was Imprisoned

Progressive Views of the Attack on America

For News From the Front Line See the Web Site of the LABOUR  PARTY  PAKISTAN