Subject: UNITE! Resolution against war




Our union, UNITE, represents working men and women
across this continent.  But we are also soldiers,
reservists and veterans. We have served honorably in
each of our nation’s wars in the past Century, and we
understand the need for sacrifice and security.  The
United States has been attacked and remains vulnerable
to international terrorism, and we stand ready to
protect our country and our loved ones.

But we, the elected leadership of UNITE, strongly
oppose any preemptive unilateral attack against the
state of Iraq.

It is clear that Saddam Hussein is an oppressive and
totalitarian ruler. He has committed serious violations
of human rights and international humanitarian law.
Saddam Hussein is a brutal dictator, but he is not an
imminent threat to our country.  Nor has convincing
evidence of Iraqi ties to al-Qaeda or to the events of
September 11th been presented to the American people.
There is, therefore, no justification for a unilateral
preemptive war with Iraq.

Moreover, we believe a unilateral preemptive war with
Iraq would serve to aggravate the problem of terrorism,
rather than reduce it.  Such a war would jeopardize our
relations with allies, intensify hostility in the Arab
world, and entangle us in further conflicts in that

This war is a cynical attempt to distract attention
away from the real concerns of American citizens -- a
faltering economy, declining education budgets, state
and local fiscal crises, increasing unemployment,
inadequate social services, the erosion of civil
liberties, and a federal government that is giving
massive tax breaks to the rich.

We know first-hand that if there is a war with Iraq, we
will do the fighting and we will suffer the
consequences.  Our families will be changed forever.
And for what?

This war is not about security for Americans. It is
about George Bush’s reelection campaign. It is about

February 13, 2003


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