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The decline of public transit in the United States was one of the consequences of urban sprawl that has dominated this country's development since the end of World War II. (More about this problem can be found on the Labor & the Environment  page on this site.) This national trend was pushed to the extreme in the Kansas City Area. A good summary of this process can be found in a Labor Party Transit Club position paper, The Future of Kansas City Transit.

ATA outlines bus service cutbacks

Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1287

There are three principal unions in the North American transit industry

  Amalgamated Transit Union   Transport Workers Union    United Transportation Union

A few properties are represented by the Teamsters

And in Vancouver, B.C. transit workers are represented by: CAW Local 111

Passenger Advocacy Groups

  Los Angeles Bus Riders Union  New York City Straphangers Transit Gazette

Vancouver Bus Riders Union

The transit bosses have a national organization, the American Public Transit Association

Kansas City Area Transportation Authority  Johnson County Transit  

United States Bus Transit Systems with 200 or more Buses

Federal Transit Administration

Some interesting miscellaneous sites:

The 100-Year Journey

The TTC celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the subway!

Internet Transit Center (Horizon)
Subway Navigator

The Subway Page

London Bus Page

London Transport

New York City Subway Resources

Magic Paris

Paris Metro, "RER", and Bus

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