Support Northwest Airlines Strikers

Northwest Airlines forced their mechanics to go on strike. The carrier demanded that the mechanics and other maintenance workers agree to contracting out a majority of their jobs along with big pay cuts for those remaining.

Northwest assembled hundreds of scabs in advance, most of them experienced mechanics laid off from other airlines, some recently returned from Iraq where they worked for contractors employed by the occupation forces.

While other craft unions at Northwest have regrettably refused to honor the strike picket lines many in the labor movement—including some courageous rank and file members of other Northwest crafts—are organizing much needed solidarity with this important battle that concerns us all. We will use this page to provide updated strike news and support. Check back often.

NWA strikers, supporters to rally Monday

The Strike at Northwest Airlines: Where Is Labor Going?
by Peter Rachleff

Airline Employees Against Concessions

Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA)
AMFA Local 33, Minneapolis

Appeal for Striking Workers at Northwest Airlines
by Peter Rachleff

Message from Labor Notes in Support of Northwest Strikers

Support Group Forms for NWA Strikers
by Barb Kucera, from Workday Minnesota

Solidarity Must Be Unconditional

Kansas City Labor Party Message To Northwest Strikers

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Northwest strikers to unveil corporate campaign

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Northwest Mechanics to Vote on New Offer 

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A defining moment for Northwest
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Northwest faces safety probe
NWA strikers to rally Thursday at FAA office

Head of Mechanics' Union Reassures Airline Strikers

Northwest Mechanics Strike Against Deep Pay Cuts, Outsourcing
Rally turns to confrontation
Strikers, supporters rally at replacements' hotel


Demonstrators slam Northwest's use of replacement workers
AFL-CIO's Sweeney supports Northwest workers, but not AMFA
Update from Committee in Solidarity with Striking Workers at Northwest Airlines
2 NWA unions watch, wait
Airline strikers seeking support

Northwest strikers stay on picket lines

Supporters rally for Northwest Airlines workers
Leaders seek to alleviate racial tensions in strike
Strike gives hints of being something bigger
Striking union finds support at rally
Kansas City Labor Party Message To Northwest Strikers
Union Founder Defiant Amid Strike's Drama
Northwest Airlines Strikers Showing Signs of Dissent


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