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Some Leads For UN Inspectors
by Bill Onasch

I guess I have mixed feelings about the stated goals of the UN weapons inspectors in Iraq. I was appalled by past gas attacks on Kurdish civilians. I didn't like shooting SCUD missiles into working class neighborhoods in Tel Aviv. Whether Saddam still has such potential weapons—or worse as some speculate—or not we can understand the concern of those living in and around Iraq.

Unfortunately the nominal goals of the UN "compromise" that dispatched the inspection teams count for nothing and their mission will likely be cut short. Bush is clearly determined to wage war in the region and will find one pretext or another. Once unleashed that regional conflict will be a threat to the Kurds, the Israeli Jews, and American men and women in uniform, as well as the long-suffering Iraqi peoples.

But the inspectors need not be unemployed for long. If we are really concerned about weapons of mass destruction I have some leads to pass on to the UN team.

There is a country that pocesses far more such weapons than all other countries combined. Its nuclear arsenal is capable of destroying the planet many times over. It is in fact the only country to have ever used nuclear weapons on human beings. This country recently renounced disarmament treaties negotiated with the old Soviet Union and is even discussing resumption of nuclear bomb testing. The country in question has defied many UN resolutions and has withheld its financial obligations to that world body.

Unfortunately, much to my embarrassment as an American otherwise proud of his country, this threat of mass destruction is controlled in Washington.

We can all have opinions about Iraq. But for us Americans it is our government we must take responsibility for.

I hope the peoples of Iraq overthrow Saddam Hussein and dismantle his weapons of repression and aggression. That's their job.

I hope to be part of a mass movement that can stop a U.S. war in the Middle East being fought for the interests of Big Business—and no one else. I want to be part of a movement that can finally do away with all weapons of mass destruction. That's my job.