Labor Solidarity

An individual worker doesn't stand much of a chance in a dispute with an employer. That's why unions are formed. Collectively, all the workers in a workplace have power that must be reckoned with. Sticking together—solidarity—can get better wages, job security, and working conditions.

But sometimes solidarity just in the workplace is not enough. Bosses often challenge their employees' power by hiring scabs during strikes, contracting work out to other companies, or—increasingly in today's global economy—moving an entire operation to another location with a new workforce.

That's why we need even broader solidarity—working class solidarity. By sticking together as a class working people can prevent employers from playing us off against one another. We need to stand with our sisters and brothers in struggle on a community, national, and even global scale. An injury to one is an injury to all!

Here are some links to ongoing struggles deserving our support. If you know of others send information to:

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