Software Alternatives

Many people use Microsoft's Outlook because it came bundled with their computer. But Outlook has an unacceptable number of security flaws and is the main carrier of viruses. You can get a much better program for free:

Open Source Software
I hear
folks cursing Microsoft Office—especially Word—all the time. Why do they use it? Because it came with no additional charge on their computer and they can't afford to lay out a few hundred bucks for Word Perfect. Now there's an Open Source alternative to Office that is better in many respects—and is absolutely free:

Microsoft nearly destroyed the pioneer browser, Netscape. Internet Explorer has been pre-installed as the default browser on nearly every new computer sold in the past few years. IE versions through 5.5 do a pretty good job. But Microsoft increasingly tries to use their browser domination to dictate web standards in their interest. This led to many problems in version 6+—not the least of which is poor performance in loading many graphics. 

Before their company was swallowed up by AOL, the Netscape nerd survivors left behind an open source project—Mozilla. The new Netscape 6.2—much better than IE 6—was developed through this dedicated, ongoing work and is slated to become the built-in browser on AOL. You can be on the cutting edge of browser development by using their free downloads:

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