Resources For Women Workers

      Harriet Tubman                                    Mother Jones                      Rose Pastor Stokes

Women have played leading roles in the labor movement from the beginning. Much progress in women's rights and living standards has been made since—and as a result of—the efforts of  leaders such as those pictured above. But much remains to be done. In addition to the issues facing all workers women have special challenges. There is still widespread discrimination in hiring, advancement, and pay. Of course women are usually expected to be the primary care-givers for their children, and organizers of their household, as well going to work outside the home for wages. Here are some resources that can be useful.

AFL-CIO Ask A Woman Page
Coalition of Labor Union Women

Institute for Women's Policy Research

Labor Project for Working Families

National Committee on Pay Equity

National Council of Negro Women

National Organization for Women

National Partnership for Women and Families

Women's Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor

Union Women—International Metalworkers' Federation

KC Labor Home