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Weekender, Friday, June 24, 2011

War Zone

After President Obama's announced withdrawals, in September 2012 there will still be twice as many GIs in Afghanistan  as when he took office. Bring Them All Home Now!

Blasts rip through western Baghdad killing 40

Afghan drawdown creates risk, U.S. military warns
Waning public support weighed on Afghan move: Gates
Obama's Plan Reignites German Withdrawal Debate


State issues ULP complaint against SVMH

Unions Fend Off Bill in New Hampshire

GE, unions detail some terms of proposed labor contract
Union fights freeze on longevity pay for RI state workers
A good case against Boeing
Airport screeners vote to join American Federation of Government Employees

The Economy

Budget talks suspended as Cantor bolts over taxes

Higher jobless claims indicate weak labor market
Auto quality slumps; imports regain edge
Use of oil reserves is debated

Around the World...

Labour to end shadow cabinet ballot
MPs in marathon debate on Canada Post bill

Health strikes continue in 3 Saskatchewan cities
Greek unions call general strike for June 28, 29
Greece in deal with EU/IMF on austerity plan
Bankruptcy looms for Saab, runs out of cash to pay wages

Our Environment

Climate Change: It's bad and getting worse
Dire climate warning locked in ancient rocks

Furious effort to raise levees in N. Dakota city
Corps ratchets up water release

Clean energy is possible, practical, and essential – now!
Environmentalists call for civil disobedience to stop tar sands pipeline
Japan's 'throwaway' nuclear workers
California air board expands clean-fuel shipping zone

New York Times Articles
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Veteran of Iraq War Now Fights His Own Deportation

New Jersey Lawmakers Approve Benefits Rollback

Workers Remove Device From Damaged Japanese Reactor
Obama Speech Is Interrupted by Gay Marriage Supporters
States Stop Circumcisions Funds Amid Budget Crisis
City Rejects Unions’ Offer to Help Close Budget Gap

Thursday, June 23, 2011

War Zone

Obama sets course for exit from Afghanistan

NATO vows to press Libya campaign over Italian reservations
France follows US Afghan pullback
UK troop numbers 'under review'
Libya war 'has cost at least £200m'


Union workers in PA rally amid contract talks

Hundreds of SVMH workers strike

Nurses Join International Push for Bank Trade Tax
Financial Speculation Tax Could Help Heal America

Summary of UE-GE Contract Proposal

Union files for election at Ikea's first U.S. factory

NY public workers union dodges layoffs in new pact
CT labor concessions may be on the ropes
Hyundai Teaches UAW Best Factory Job Doesn't Need a Union

Proposed NLRB Rule Change Draws Wide Support
Privatization Would Bankrupt Amtrak
Fiat, Chrysler unions form 'global network': King
Strike vote looms at GM supplier in Orion Twp. over contract issues

Shooting of man by Border Patrol agent renews debate on use of force
Emergency Manager Law Faces Challenge
KC board votes to close Delano school

The Economy

Fed cuts growth forecast; no hint of more support

U.N. warns austerity plans damage economic recovery
Saab cannot afford employee wages
Bipartisan Debt Talks Grow More Contentious
May home sales down in KC

Around the World...

Job cuts deal halts postal strike
Talks between Canada Post and CUPW break down

Talks relaunch in crop insurance strike
South Africa
Exxaro Resources Strike Remains 'On Cards,' South African Labor Union Says

Our Environment

Obama has failed to lead on climate: Gore
Climate of Denial

Missouri River crests, breaking records of 1993 floods

Greenpeace calls off Arctic drilling protest
Experts puzzled by big decline in honeybees over winter
Flood Forces Evacuations in North Dakota
House Bill Eases Offshore-Drilling Rules
Transocean Blames BP for Spill
Radiation found in basement of Missouri art museum
Poor transit system, sprawl make trips to work difficult

New York Times Articles
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Post Office to Stop Payments to Retirement Fund

Cuomo Secures Big Givebacks In Union Deal

As U.S. Pulls Back, Fears Abound Over Toll on Afghan Economy
Some Greeks Fear Government Is Selling Nation
Derivatives Cloud the Possible Fallout From a Greek Default
Gore Criticizes Obama For Record on Climate
High-Speed Rail Poised to Alter China
My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Join Nurses to Protest Wall Street June 22

War Zone

Obama set to unveil Afghan troop cuts
Afghan detainee documents set for release
U.S., Japan Postpone Plan to Shut Marine Base
NATO: Unmanned helicopter lost over Libya


Rules would speed up union elections

Court Sides with Wal-Mart, Raises Hurdles for Workers’ Suits

New Front in Benefits Fight

New labor agreements needed before Albany adjourns
NY GOP tables gay marriage; showdown looms
Union Summer 2011 Interns Take to the Streets
Eastern Michigan faculty refuse to work in Detroit schools
Man stages $1 robbery for healthcare
Hostile audience greets Costa Mesa CIty Council as budget vote looms
WGA, West President John Wells won't run again
Court Stops Funding Cuts to Ark. Schools
Immigration Bill Passes in S.C.
KC officials introduce pension plan for ex-MAST employees

The Economy

Sen. Conrad: $2 trillion not enough

House GOP Digs In on Debt Ceiling
California Legislators Lose Pay in Budget Jam
Home Resales Slide 3.8%
Alabama County's Woes Threaten to Spread

Around the World...

Bahrain rights activists jailed for life
Private firm bids to run universities
Canadian Government Pulls a Wisconsin on Postal Workers
Postal Workers Occupy Conservative Offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg

NDP vows to prolong back-to-work legislation debate
Greek PM survives confidence vote in parliament
India suspends land acquisitions for POSCO plant
Three shot in Belfast sectarian clashes

Our Environment

GAO: leaks at aging nuke sites difficult to detect
Senator: AP raised serious nuclear safety issues

Poland blocks bolder EU climate emissions cut
GM wheat awaits UK green light

New York Times Articles
These links from the NYT are posted with this caveat: they are now enhancing their profitable advertising revenue by also charging those who access more than twenty articles in a month.

Cost of Wars a Rising Issue as Obama Weighs Troop Levels
U.S. Mission Exposes Divisions in Congress and Within GOP
Attack in Iraq Kills Dozens Near House of Governor
Poll Affirms Grim Views of U.S. in Pakistan
Israel to Allow Building Cargo to Enter Gaza
Public Unions Take On Boss to Win Big Pensions
NAACP Wants Charges Against Cops in Pa. Beating
Jobs of Union Championed by King Saved _ for Now

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

War Zone

Fresh Libya civilian deaths pile pressure on NATO

22 killed in suicide car bombings south of Baghdad

RAF missions 'at risk due to Libya'
Obama expected to announce major Afghan drawdown


High court bars mass sex bias case vs. Wal-Mart
Women vow to challenge Wal-Mart after Court tosses class-action case

NJ Senate OKs public-sector pension changes
New Jersey Public Workers Protest Sell-Out by State Legislators

UE-GE Conference Board To Meet Starting Tuesday
GE Union workers to vote June 29 on proposed contract
GE labor deal calls for cash payment, pay hikes

Decades after MLK Assassination, Memphis Reignites Struggle

Three Trapped in Kentucky Mine Freed

NY Senate stuck on gay marriage as rallies grow
Hyatt Regency Chicago workers stage one-day strike
Michigan unions, GOP lock horns over state worker health care
NYU Teaching Assistants Move Closer to Union Recognition
Rochester residents speak out about state shutdown
L.A. Activists Share Troublemaker Spirit
Marquette Labor Council First in State to Back Main Street Contract
Anthem Blue Cross settles lawsuit, agrees to limit rate hikes
Georgia Immigration Law Faces Test by July

The Economy

Credit union regulator sues JP Morgan and RBS
Japan posts second-biggest trade deficit in May
Crunch time looms as Biden-led budget talks resume

Around the World...

Mental health boss in staff warning

Union preparing for strike vote
A People's Assembly: A Strategy for the Harper Years in Kingston

More public sector layoffs to come, Clement warns
Conservatives table Canada Post back-to-work bill
Two men shot in Belfast rioting
Protesters fill streets after Assad's speech

Our Environment

High court blocks states' climate change lawsuit

Oceans in distress foreshadow mass extinction

Tritium leaks found at many nuke sites

EPA budget cuts put states in bind

Craig, Mo., must evacuate because of floodwaters

Sand shortage causes concern for flood fighters
A Plea To The International Community: Don’t Forget The Ogoni
U.S. official says Yucca nuclear dump not an option
Fukushima report shows nuclear power can never be safe and cheap
20-year mining ban planned for Grand Canyon area

New York Times Articles
These links from the NYT are posted with this caveat: they are now enhancing their profitable advertising revenue by also charging those who access more than twenty articles in a month.

Chilean Court Blocks Plan for Patagonia Dam Project
Scores of U.S. Strikes in Libya Followed Handoff to NATO
Pakistan: Missiles Kill 12 in Tribal Area
Flooding Brings Worries Over Two Nuclear Plants
Mayors Call for a Quicker End to Wars So Money Can Be Used for  Home
2 Firefighters Killed Fighting Florida Wildfire
Politically Tied Lawyers Win Jobs Handling Foreclosures
In New Jersey, Bill Advances on Public Workers’ Benefits

Monday, June 20, 2011

War Zone

NATO admits Libya air strike led to civilian deaths

Obama overruled lawyers on Libya air war


Tentative Agreement Reached With GE

More Than 700,000 Ohioans Sign S.B. 5 Repeal Petitions

Hundreds rally in Minneapolis for jobs

Government alters deportation program
Kansas labor agency laying off 16 percent of staff
NY Target store workers reject unionization

High court faces Wal-Mart bias case as term winds down
Data: Hospitals overuse double scans
Emails Rebuke Maine Gov for Labor Mural Removal
Memphis sanitation workers are volatile city budget target
Unions to LePage: 'We are Maine's living labor history'

Governor to try again to exclude some state workers from unions
Providence Reaches Budget Deal with City Labor Union

Gov. Rick Snyder to announce sweeping DPS reforms today

The Economy

Euro Group Postpones Decision on Greek Aid

Executive pay at root of widening income gap
Bonuses, stocks options drive pay

IMF cuts U.S. growth forecast, warns of crisis
Payroll tax cuts rob the poor to feed the rich
Average domestic airfare rises 10%

Backlog of Cases Gives a Reprieve on Foreclosures

Around the World...

Union chief gives strike warning
Unison warns of pension strikes
Pupils to join public sector strikes
Rebellion over female pension age
Home care elderly 'not protected'
We want Canada Post to start negotiating
Postal workers rally ahead of back-to-work law
Postal talks fizzle as back-to-work bill looms
Layton vows no end to NDP 'honeymoon'
Austerity, the Conservative Majority and the CLC Action Plan
Spaniards protest austerity measures

Our Environment

Radiation stops Japanese clean-up
New report shows early chaos at Japan nuke plant

Vietnam starts joint Agent Orange cleanup with US

Kansas agency, utility worked closely on permit for plant

US nuke regulators weaken safety rules

Bonn climate talks end with no agreement on key areas
Cuba: Seas to rise more than 30 inches by 2100
Peru's capital declares itself a GMO-free zone
Deal would speed cuts in western coal pollution
Climate change raising tick threat for northern moose
Europe's top industrial firms have a cache of 240m pollution permits

Food price explosion 'will devastate the world's poor'
Levee breach dooms tiny African-American community

New York Times Articles
These links from the NYT are posted with this caveat: they are now enhancing their profitable advertising revenue by also charging those who access more than twenty articles in a month.

Teachers Union Confronts Some Crucial Decisions
Program Offering Waivers for Health Law Is Ending
UMW Members Ratify New Deal With Coal Association
For Want of a Word, Arizona’s Jobless Lose Checks
Workers Reject Union at Target Store
War Evolves With Drones, Some Tiny as Bugs
As Survivors Dwindle, Tulsa Confronts Past

Weekender, Friday, June 17, 2011

We resume updates today after several days of hardware problems earlier in the week—Thanks for your patience.

War Zone

NATO airstrikes pound Libya

Deadline to End Afghan Surge

White House Defends Role in Libya after Lawmakers Sue
Afghan cash crunch looms, as IMF withholds millions

Debate over future of weapons plant could be headed to ballot or to court


Chicago Blocks 4% Teacher Raises

Women’s life expectancy declines in many U.S. counties

Can Big-Box Retail Be Organized?

New Jersey Union Members Arrested Protesting Bill
Benefits bill advances in NJ over labor objections

Join Nurses to Protest Wall Street June 22

Wisconsin Reacts as Anti-Union Bill Is Rubber-Stamped
Macy's, union reach tentative deal, avert strike
Picket reminds of Gowanda labor talks
A Victory and a Defeat for Farmworkers
YRC Continues Theft of Clerical Jobs
10,000 DPS workers to get layoff notices
Restaurant Groups Sue Labor Dept.
Alabama County Girds for Layoffs
KC area older people lack public transportation options

The Economy

Senate votes to repeal ethanol tax credits
Debt talks gear up for tough trade-offs
Biden on debt talks: Now the hard part

Around the World...

Kirchner ridicules Cameron over Malvinas (Falklands)
Work longer for pensions, public sector workers told
British unions set for mass strike
We want Canada Post to start negotiating
Tories prepare to end Canada Post labour dispute
MPs laud Air Canada tentative deal
The Assault on Public Services
China unrest as hundreds protest against Taizhou land grabs
Greek government teeters amid default risk
Hyundai Motor settles talks with labor union
South Africa
South African youth leader calls for nationalization, land seizures
Angry crowd pursues Catalan MPs

Our Environment

Hundreds March to Save West Virginia Mountain from 'Removal'

Fukushima: It's much worse than you think

Dozens killed in Burma amid clashes over Chinese dams

Missouri among states in program to promote ‘energy crops’
Is All the Wild Weather Connected?
Budget battle at cash-strapped UN climate forum
Peak oil: 'Nothing to worry about' – but Labour knew the real facts
Airline-Emissions Plan Draws Fire
Firm pushes for Va. uranium mining

New York Times Articles
These links from the NYT are posted with this caveat: they are now enhancing their profitable advertising revenue by also charging those who access more than twenty articles in a month.

As Number of Medicaid Patients Goes Up, Their Benefits Are About to Drop
Children on Medicaid Shown to Wait Longer for Care
States Want More in Pension Contributions
Labor Coalition Is Divided Over Financial Rescue Plan
Plan for Hydroelectric Dam in Patagonia Outrages Chileans
Workers Swarm Trenton on Benefit Changes
Wall Street Braces for New Layoffs as Profits Wane
In Rebuilding Iraq’s Oil Industry, U.S. Subcontractors Hold Sway

Weekender, Friday, June 10, 2011

War Zone

4 killed at ceremony for slain Afghan commander

Powers plot 'post-Kadhafi' as rebels eye cash
Gates blasts NATO, questions future of alliance
In Iraq, military still seen as dysfunctional


NAFTA's Result: ‘Bending Over’ Couldn't Keep Plant in Tennessee

Muni operators overwhelmingly reject contract

GE Presentations To UE On Compensation, Benefits

Preschool benefits last into adulthood, study says
Union votes to urge Hyatt boycott
Union OKs Ormet Deal
Unions blast Cuomo's pension plan
Academics, Activists Search for New Ways to Revitalize Labor Movement
State House OKs plan that makes it easier to fire teachers
Boeing Rejects Union Deal on Plant
Pipefitters settle contract dispute, end brief strike

The Economy

US trade gap narrows in wake of Japan disaster

Record exports temper slowdown fears
Microsoft loses Supreme Court case on Canadian patent
3 big banks lose mortgage modification incentives
Unemployment aid applications stuck at high level

Around the World...

We want Canada Post to start negotiating
Quebec City, Kitchener postal workers strike
Canada Post says labour talks have stalled
Why unions are in for a long, hot summer
Two workers killed in Sudbury mine accident
Ontario health-care workers unionize in face of McGuinty wage freeze
GM Considers Sale of European Opel Unit
Sinn Fein wins West Belfast poll
Yemen braces for rival demos, Saleh out of IC

Our Environment

A perfect storm of stupid

Panel criticizes PG&E lapses that led to pipeline blast

Pressured by Greenpeace, Mattel cuts off sub-supplier APP

NRC chief hid information, IG says

Ethanol issue slips behind jobs, deficit in Iowa
Environmental groups challenge Shell drilling plan
Climate change 'will cut water for farmers': UN
Bolivian ambassador speaks out against water privatization
Coal seam gas: dirtier than coal, worse than shale
Scientists race to avoid climate change harvest
Drilling in Utah natural gas field gets feds' OK
Drought fund for French farmers
Climate skeptics flirt with intelligent design and Islamophobic group
Drought declared in East Anglia, with other parts on brink
Thousands of fish dead after Thames sewerage overflow
A nuclear power shift in Germany
Fungus hits the injured in Joplin

New York Times Articles
These links from the NYT are posted with this caveat: they are now enhancing their profitable advertising revenue by also charging those who access more than twenty articles in a month.

Cultivating a Prince to Coax an Ally to Change
Panetta Demurs on Troop Drawdown in Afghanistan
Russians Adopt U.S. Tactics in Opposing Abortion
College Fights Subpoena of Interviews Tied to IRA
Justices Say Fleeing Police by Car Is a Violent Felony
Companies Spend on Equipment, Not Workers

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