Taken From Labor's Responses to War

October 3, 2002

Pride At Work, AFL-CIO

Resolution Against U.S. Preemptive Attacks and War

Whereas President Bush proposes to increase the United States defense spending by $48 billion dollars in 2003 and proposes to increase spending on Homeland Security by $19 billion dollars in 2003 bringing both defense and homeland security expenditures to $76 billion dollars or an increase of 0.69 % of the Gross Domestic Product for 2003 and

Whereas President Bush has threatened a preemptive strike against Iraq in his open -ended pursuit of the “War on Terrorism” and Iraq has not attacked the United States or credibly threatened the United States, and although Iraq’s weapons programs remain a serious concern to the United States, no evidence has shown any immediate threat to the U.S. or neighboring countries and under international law one country is justified in attacking another country only when it is under attack or about to be under attack

Whereas a United States military campaign against Iraq would set up a dangerous precedent of preemptive attack that violates the charter of the United Nations and undermines the very foundations of international law and

Whereas the billions of dollars to be spent on armaments, domestic repression and subsidizing the expanded open ended “War on Terrorism” while potentially raiding the Social Security Trust Fund could be better used to provide retraining programs for laid off workers that has resulted in the major loss of union jobs, replenishing state and local budget deficits that have resulted in cuts in essential social services in health care, education, libraries, quality public transportation and services for the disabled, clean water and air, and adequate treatment for the mentally ill, be it therefore

RESOLVED that the Pride At Work, AFL-CIO will campaign against preemptive war strikes to Iraq or any other country without the support of international law and community, and without the approval by Congress and will support military actions only under the immediate and justified threat to the United States or it’s allies and be it further

RESOLVED that Pride At Work, AFL-CIO will participate in rallies and marches and other activities as necessary to redirect money from the expanded military budget back to restore public services, health and welfare to U.S. citizens, assist laid - off workers, and seek to promote global justice by supporting and encouraging humanitarian and economic aid to our brothers and sisters in other countries and be it

RESOLVED that Pride At Work, AFL-CIO will, through its membership and national office, forward this resolution for concurrence to all possible labor unions and political representatives, including the President of the United States.

Approved October 1, by a quorum of the Executive Committee

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