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Peace rally on New Year night in Pakistan

Several organizations have decided to support a peace rally on New Year night at Lahore. The rally will start at 5pm from Lahore Press Club and leave for Wahga Border with India. This was decided today in a meeting of the representatives of several organizations held here in Lahore. The organizations included the AGHS legal help, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Labour Party Pakistan, Justice and Peace Commission of Pakistan, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front and Youth Commission for Human Rights. 

Joint Action Committee for People Rights is meeting on 27th December to discuss this and other initiatives against the growing war fanaticism in Pakistan and India. 

Asma Jahangir, former chairperson of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Shoaib Bhatti, chairman Labour Party Pakistan, Cecil Choudry of Justice and Peace Commission will address a press conference on 28th December at Lahore Press Club to give the details of the peace rally to Indian border. 

Report by: Amir Suhail
Information secretary Labour Party Pakistan Lahore