No New War Against Iraq—Keep the Government Off the Docks!

(resolution adopted by the San Francisco Labor Council on August 26, 2002)

Whereas, the San Francisco Labor Council has for many years opposed 
the U.S. bombing and sanctions against Iraq, which have resulted in 
dire shortages of food and medicine and contributed to the deaths of 
over 1 million Iraqis, including 500,000 children; and

Whereas, now the Bush administration is beating the drums for a new 
war against Iraq, despite mounting opposition to this war at home and 
abroad; and

Whereas, in early 1998 the U.S. government's drive to launch a new 
war against Iraq was abruptly halted by a rising opposition movement 
that included the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions 
(ICFTU), the San Francisco Labor Council, the Alameda Central Labor 
Council, and the students who debated Defense Secretary Cohen and 
Secretary of State Albright on national television at Ohio State 
University, which showed that the labor movement and people's 
movement do have the potential to force a reversal of unjust 
government policies; and

Whereas, wasting billions of dollars on the Iraq war buildup 
translated into cutbacks of essential job-producing social programs 
at home such as education, health care, social security and housing, 
and threatening the rights of labor to strike and organize; and

Whereas, the Bush administration's war drive has a domestic component 
-- threatening to turn his "endless war" against the International 
Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) as an opening wedge against the 
entire labor movement, by threatening government intervention on the 
West Coast docks under the guise of "Homeland Security," on the side 
of the Pacific Maritime Association bosses and a coalition of 
anti-union corporate interests, including WalMart and The Gap; 
therefore be it

Resolved, that the San Francisco Labor Council (AFL-CIO) reaffirm and 
join the growing movement in opposition to any U.S. war against Iraq, 
and call on the unions and AFL-CIO at all levels and Congressional 
representatives to publicly oppose this war; and be it further

Resolved, that the San Francisco Labor Council strongly condemn any 
attempt by the government, at any level, to introduce troops or 
otherwise intervene in the contract dispute between the ILWU and the 
employers, and call on Congressional representatives to publicly 
oppose this interference; and be it further

Resolved, that the San Francisco Labor Council endorse the 
"Stop-the-War" marches and rallies taking place September 14-16 in 
Oakland, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and other cities, as well as 
International Day of Protest on October 26, 2002, behind the banner, 
"No New War Against Iraq -- Keep the Government Off the Docks!"