Calling All Working People

New Crises, New Agendas
Save Jobs, Save the Planet
April 3-4, Kansas City

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Working people in the USA–in fact throughout the world–are facing unprecedented challenges of two great crises.

Even during “prosperity” the American working class had been falling behind. Losing good jobs to outsourcing and offshoring. Stagnant or even falling wages. Out of control healthcare costs. Kids being priced out of higher education.

Now there is a full blown economic crisis, the likes of which have not been seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s. More lost jobs, along with lost homes, lost retirement funds, lost healthcare.

Our economic situation is bad but the other major crisis– global warming –is much worse. Greenhouse gas emissions, along with destruction of forests and wetlands, are irreversibly altering the climate of our planet right now. In fact, if drastic countermeasures are not soon implemented human civilization as we know it will likely become unsustainable by the end of the century—if not sooner.

The scientists are doing their job. They’re not only exposing the problems underlying the climate crisis but also offering proven technologies and conservation methods that can tackle global warming—while fueling the greatest job stimulus in history.

But scientists don’t run the world. Those in charge—the captains of industry, finance and commerce, and the politicians who do their bidding—cannot make a clean break from their profitable, but destructive ways if left to do it on their own.

It's going to take the brain and muscle of the working class—in and out of the workplace—to win the economic and social changes needed to use science to leave a sustainable planet, with decent jobs, for our kids and grandkids. No body else can do it for us.

Before we can find all the right answers we first need to frame the right questions. We invite you to participate in a conference presenting the truth about what’s behind both crises, and facilitating urgently needed discussion of what to do next.

Let’s start talking in Kansas City April 3-4

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