‘It's better to vote for what you want, and not get it, than to vote for what you don't want
—and get it.’
—Eugene V Debs

Kansas City

Labor for Nader
Ralph Nader for President  Winona LaDuke for Vice-President

Published on November 3, 2000 by Universal Press—Thanks to Aaron McGruder


Text of KC Labor for Nader Leaflet

Who We Are
Kansas City Labor for Nader is not connected to any party or official campaign committee. We’re working people from various political backgrounds—Democrats, Labor Party*, Greens. But we are all united in supporting the only candidate deserving labor’s support—Ralph Nader. If you’re interested in working with us on this campaign write to us at:


What We Are Doing
We will get out Nader's stands on working class issues through leaflets, rallies, debates, and on the Internet, such as this:

An Open Letter to AFL-CIO President John Sweeney

You can stay informed about the local Nader campaign by joining our e-mail group. Just click on the button to sign up:

We could use your help!

For more details about the platform and activities of the Nader campaign, as well as candidate biographies, visit the national site:


KC Greens Site

Nader's Acceptance Speech at the Green Party Convention

What the Press is Saying ...

Nader, in Harlem, Attacks Gore and Bush With Gusto (New York Times, November 7)
Liberals Act to Neutralize Nader
(Washington Post, October 26)
Nader: Green Party has met its goals
(San Francisco Examiner, October 22)

Nader Rally Refrain: If Bush Equals Gore, Why Not?
(New York Times, October 15)
Nader Rally in NY Draws Thousands
(New York Times, October 14)
Nader Wants Apology From Debate Panel for Turning Him Away
(New York Times, October 5)
Nader Supporters Try to Block Exits
(Washington Post, October 4)
Nader Is Turned Away at Door
(AP, October 4)
Nader Assails His Exclusion From Debates
(New York Times, October 2)
Nader rally draws 12,000 to FleetCenter
(Boston Globe, October 2)
Vedder, Nader Rally In Seattle
(AP, September 24)
Nader Fades in Polls but Draws Crowds
(New York Times, September 24)
Nader's Speech Gets Celebrity Boost
(AP, September 21)
Nader Sees Post-2000 Influence For Greens

Nader earns some support at Detroit Labor Day parade
(Zwire, September 7)
Profile of Ralph Nader
(AP, September 5)
Nader: It's Time to Focus Attention on The Rights of Workers
  (Knight-Ridder, September 1)
Crisscrossing Manhattan, Nader Criticizes Corporate Misdeeds
(New York Times, September 1)
Electrical Workers' Union Gives Its Backing to Nader
(Los Angeles Times, August 31)
Nader Picks Up Additional Labor Support 
(Reuters, August 30)
Nader Hails WTO Protesters
(New York Times, August 27)
Nader Seeks Controls on Utilities
(New York Times, August 23)
Chasing After a Shadow of Their Former Selves
(Washington Post, August 16)
Gore Finds It's Not Easy Pleasing Greens
(Washington Post, August 16)
Nader Crashes, and Bashes, G.O.P.'s Party
(August 3 New York Times)
Washington Post
On Politics
(ongoing updates)
Representative Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. Introduces Resolution to Open Presidential Debates

(L.A. Labor News)
Nader Calls Convention a `Carnival'
  (AP, July 29)
Nader Talks, Labor Listens and Many Democrats Worry
(New York Times, July 23)

Rubatex concerns presidential hopeful
(Lynchburg, VA News & Advance)
Nader picks up steam, coverage
(Kansas City Star, July 4)
Unlike '96, Nader Runs Hard in '00
(New York Times, July 1)
Nader Criticizes Clinton-Gore Energy Policies
(New York Times, June 30)
Nader Urges More Federal Funding for Children
(AP, June 26)
Nader, Nominated by Green Party, Attacks Politics as Usual
(June 26 New York Times)
Greens Nominate Nader for a Serious Run
(June 26 Washington Post)
Kansas City Nader speech the last stop on road to Green Party nomination
(June 24 Kansas City Star)
Odd Man Out of Race, Nader Rocks Gore's Boat
  (June 23 New York Times)
Labor Chief Touts Third-Party Candidates
(June 23 Washington Post)
Hoffa, Nader Team Up
(June 23 ABC News)
Unions See Nader as Leverage on Trade Issue
(June 22 Washington Post)
Teamsters, Wooed by Gore, Will Get Together With Nader
(June 22 New York Times)
California Nurses Association Endorses Nader

On the Campaign Trail, Nader Means Business



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For more information about KC Labor for Nader send e-mail to: kclaborfornader@aol.com

*The Labor Party is not endorsing Ralph Nader, or any other candidate for any office.

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