LPP Hosts Children's Peace Demo at Lahore
by Amir Suhail, LPP Lahore information secretary

Over 150 children held a peace demonstration in front of Lahore Press Club today under the auspices of Labour Party Pakistan. In a very live demo, children mainly under the age of 14 chanted slogans left peace balloons in the air and held banners and posters promoting peace issues. They were raising slogans like “peace not War, education not war, bread not war, we want peace, who will benefit from war? war is ignorance, Musharaf Vajpai, do not go for war, we oppose war” and so on. There were a lot of journalists to cover the event. 

Speaking on the occasion, Mubashar, a 10 year old student from Mustafabad Lahore read a peace message demanding an end to war and forces to go back from the borders. He said children will be the real losers of war. He said we the children of working class are to lose more. We do not want to die for a war that has no reasons to go ahead. He opposed religious fundamentalism and said we need ordinary education for our future. We do not want to confine ourselves to only religious education. Another 200 children who gathered at the local office of LPP at Mustafabad Lahore could not go to the Press Club as there was no more arrangements of transportation. They raised slogans in favor of peace but could not attend the demo.