The following is a draft resolution distributed to the delegates of the Second Constitutional Convention of the Labor Party, held in Washington, DC, July 25-28, 2002. This version has been scanned from the hard copy. After extensive discussion the resolution was overwhelmingly adopted. As soon as the final, edited, official version is available from the Labor Party we will post it.


Whereas the INC indicated in its statement adopted on October 5, 2001, that we unequivocally support all legitimate efforts to find those responsible for the horrific terrorist attacks on September 11 and to bring them to justice, as well as all necessary and appropriate actions directed toward securing the safety and protection of our nation and its people;

Whereas we recognize such acts of terrorism, whether they originate from foreign or domestic sources, as attacks first and most of all on this country’s workers, and that from the World Trade Center and the Pentagon to Oklahoma City, America’s workers are those who have suffered most from such acts, both directly and indirectly;

Whereas we recognize that it is also America’s workers and their families who are called upon to face the dangers of such military engagements as are necessary to maintain genuine national security;

Whereas the Bush administration, with almost uniformly bipartisan support in Congress, has sought to exploit the national concern about terrorism to impose its program of diverting resources from pressing domestic issues and its demands that we knuckle under to a corporate-driven agenda here and abroad;

Whereas the Bush administration, with bipartisan Congressional support, already has required union givebacks as a condition of its $15 billion airline bailout package and, citing national security concerns, the administration and Congress also denied federalized airport security workers the right to organize and bargain collectively;

Whereas in the name of preventing terrorism, Bush and corporations want to curb workers’ and communities’ right to know about the dangerous chemicals and processes that exist in their facilities, and they hope to criminalize any worker who blows the whistle by divulging such information;

Whereas the Bush administration’s proposal for a new Department of Homeland Security also claims national security concerns as an excuse for eliminating 17,000 jobs and stripping 170,000 workers of civil service protections;

Whereas state and local governments, including port authorities, have used similar justifications in attempting to restrict workers’ rights to strike and bargain collectively, such as the Utah legislature ‘s attempt to pass a bill that would define as "commercial terrorism" any action that infringes on any business’s ability to conduct its transactions, which could apply to strikes, pickets and perhaps boycotts;

Whereas the wave of arbitrary repression and denial of civil rights and liberties of immigrant workers and their families is first and foremost an attack on workers and their rights to organize;

Whereas repressive measures that stigmatize some workers invariably signal repression of all workers and the labor movement in general;

Whereas we recognize in our Labor Party Program that infringements on civil rights and civil liberties are by definition attacks on workers’ rights;

Whereas we also recognize that, now more than ever, repression of workers anywhere is repression of workers everywhere; and 

Whereas, consistent with our commitments to fair trade and worker solidarity, our Program states clearly:

We oppose all policies instituted by corporate-dominated lending institutions like the World Bank that force developing nations to lower the wages of their workers. We will especially strive to bring pressure to bear on those U.S.-based transnational corporations that are violating labor rights in other nations of the world, and to fight against any U.S.-based policies that would undermine the rights of workers in other nations to organize.

Therefore be it resolved that:

1. We support the legitimate use of national security to protect our country and its workers from terrorist attacks from domestic and international sources.

2. We reaffirm our Program’s "demand that our government stop doing the bidding of global corporations and stop using military and foreign policy to prop up anti-labor regimes that violate human rights."

3. We oppose all attacks on the rights of America’s workers, and we oppose all efforts to undercut public funding for important domestic programs under the guise of national defense.