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A lot of workers think they have important rights guaranteed by law. The fact of the matter is that the United States has the weakest labor laws of any major industrialized country. In the absence of a union contract workers have very minimal legal rights and even the few they have may be difficult to enforce. Nor do even unionized workers have much legal protection if they venture to go on strike. If you're on strike, or locked out, for “economic” issues the boss has the legal right to replace you with a scab. That's not allowed in most other countries. Still, it's important to know the law and to take advantage of it where we can. Here's some links that may help.

See Kansas City labor attorney Doug Bonney's series of articles on Know Your Rights

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We need a major overhaul of labor law in this country. See the Labor Party resolution for a Workplace Bill of Rights.

Labor Party Discussion Paper, Toward a New Labor Law

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