The Labor Movement in Iraq is Standing Strong

Thousands of electricity workers took to the street on September 16, 2008 in Firdaws Square in Baghdad in a demonstration called and led by General Federation of workers Councils and Unions in Iraq (GFWCUI) represented by Subhi Albadry , President of GFWCUI and Labor Movement Unifying Bureau represented by Hassan Juma, president. 

This event came as a result of the current situations of the infrastructure (electricity that is given to people about one hour a day in particular). The workers came from different parts of Iraq to denounce the government performance especially the minister of electricity; corruption and the neglect that is given to this sector and its employees by the current government, let alone the banning of freedom of association.

Although the security forces were surrounding the area where the event took place, and prevented many other workers to join the rally, the participants were able to voice out their demands that were:

1.     The dismissal of the Minister of Electricity Karim Wahid and his inner-circle

2.     Bringing all corrupt officers and employees to justice

3.      Hiring  professional staff who are immune from sectarianism  

4.     The return of the political prisoners to their jobs

5.     Giving the workers who are on contract a permanent position.

It is noteworthy that the Labor Movement Unifying Bureau is consisted of General Union of Oil Workers, General Union of Electricity Workers, the Union of Rail Workers and GFWCUI and is formed in 2007 headed by Hassan Juma and his vice president Abuwatan as a step forwards unifying as many unions as possible to form confederation that include all workers in Iraq. 

Amjad Al-Jawhary of Iraq Freedom Congress  

Working For a Democratic, Secular and Progressive Alternative to both the US Occupation and Political Islam in Iraq