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Labor Advocate Online is the successor to the print edition of Labor Advocate, founded in 1994. Signed articles represent the views of the author and not necessarily Labor Advocate Online. Unless otherwise stated, content  is not copyrighted and may be reproduced with attribution. Submission of articles, letters, and art work is encouraged though we cannot guarantee publication. Contact us at:                           

Daily Labor News Digest   U.S. Labor Against the War

Following Nader Makes One Dizzy—Time For a Fresh Assessment
by Bill Onasch

Who Will Judge the War Criminals?
by Bill Onasch

LaMP (Labor Art & Mural Project) Update
by Chris Gauvreau

The Medicare Rip-Off
by Jerry Gordon

Kansas City Transit Gets Last Minute Reprieve, Faces New Trial
by Bill Onasch

Framing the Debate About Health Care
200 Labor Activists Gear Up For Labor Party’s
Just Health Care Campaign

by Bill Onasch

USLAW Dodges Bullets, Stays Course
200 Delegates and Observers Meet At Chicago Teamster City to Plan Strategy and Establish Ongoing Structure
by Bill Onasch

The Most Dangerous Government Ever?
by Bill Onasch

Labor Party Leaders Meet
by Bill Onasch

Why No Festive Mood On This Labor Day?
by Bill Onasch

Some Bread Please With Our Circus
Gray, Arnold, Cruz, Arianna, Peter and Other Performers Under the
California Big Top

by Bill Onasch

Grisly Trophies Won’t Bring Submission
by Bill Onasch

They, Most Of All, Have the Right To Be Heard
by Bill Onasch

Time to Say ‘Basta!’
by Bill Onasch

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