Here's words of sanity from some in the labor movement.

American Freedom Under Attack
UE Says, ‘No U.S. Invasion of Iraq´

UE Leaders Say ‘No to War!´

Labor’s Toll Was Heavy September 11 and After
A Statement by the Labor Party Interim National Council
Draft Resolution on National Security Adopted at the Recent Labor Party Convention

Labor Advocate Online

by Dave Riehle

Some Leads For UN Inspectors

by Bill Onasch

The Year Since—Their Response and Ours
by Bill Onasch

The Homeland Is In Danger!

by Bill Onasch

No War With Iraq
No Rush to War

Labor Against The War Page

Washington Unions Take a Stand on 'War Against Terrorism'
Resolution Against the War, Attacks on Civil Liberties and Cuts in Public Services

Labor and the War

More Labor Antiwar Resolutions

San Francisco Labor Council
No New War Against Iraq— Keep the Government Off the Docks!

California AFL-CIO Resolution on TIPS

California Federation of Teachers (AFL-CIO) Resolution Against War on Iraq

Pride At Work, AFL-CIO Resolution Against U.S. Preemptive Attacks and War

AFL-CIO president says war with Iraq should be last option

More unions voice opposition to war with Iraq

Resolution Against War on Iraq Passed by the Executive Council of Local 1199/SEIU

Albany (New York) Central Federation of Labor Says: No War Against Iraq

Teamsters Local 705 Adopts Resolution Against War

Wisconsin SEIU Resolution Against War on Iraq

Unions across country raise concerns about potential war

AFSCME Issues Resolution Condemning War on Iraq

S.F. Labor Council Antiwar Resolution

UFCW Local 1776 Passes Resolution Opposing War With Iraq