Kansas City Labor Party Message To Northwest Strikers

Sisters and Brothers

The Kansas City Labor Party expresses our solidarity with your struggle at Northwest Airlines.

We know this strike was forced on you. No self-respecting union could agree to voluntarily surrender a majority of their jobs and accept draconian wage cuts for those spared the axe. Though this carrier claims to be broke they managed to put together many millions of dollars to hire, train, feed and house hundreds of scabs well in advance–along with "security" goons to confront peaceful strikers.

We also know that the Railway Labor Act, like its even more evil twin, the Taft-Hartley Act, makes the most effective strike tactics "crimes." We are dedicated to decriminalizing the basic human rights of working people to use their collective economic power and appeals for solidarity to defend their living standards, working conditions, and human dignity.

Our members will, of course, boycott Northwest Airlines as long as you request us to do so. We will ask the unions, and other organizations we are part of to support your struggle. We will publicize your efforts to the widest audience we can reach.

Unfortunately, we do not have the financial resources of the major political parties. We are sending a fifty dollar contribution as a token of our support through post office mail. We hope that our other efforts will lead to more substantial contributions from other worker organizations.

Best of luck in your fight–which is a fight for all of us.

Bill Onasch

Chair, KC Labor Party