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US Labor Against the War

Iraqis will also speak at USLAW events in DC, NYC and Philadelphia

Help USLAW fund their tour!

Among the international guests invited to attend the AFL-CIO national convention in Pittsburgh, September 13-17, will be leaders of six Iraqi labor federations.  In addition to attending the convention, the Iraqi union leaders will appear at events organized by USLAW and its affiliates in Washington, DC, New York City, and Philadelphia.

One of their appearances at 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East in NYC will also be simulcast by closed circuit television to 1199 facilities in Buffalo, Syracuse, Boston, Rochester, Buffalo, Baltimore and possibly elsewhere.



USLAW affiliates have introduced three antiwar resolutions for consideration at the convention on labor rights in Iraq, immediate withdrawal and Afghanistan.

Their tentative schedule is as follows:

September 8-12   Washington, DC

September 13-16  Pittsburgh, PA

September 17-20  New York, NY

September 21-22  Philadelphia, PA


Sepember 23        Depart for Iraq


We have a very short timeline in which to organize these events. 

USLAW needs your help to underwrite the considerable expenses involved in providing transportation, hotels, meals, interpreters, and publicity for these events.

Please make a personal donation to the USLAW Iraq Labor Solidarity Fund to help make this tour successful.  Donate on-line on USLAW's secure website donor page, or send your contribution to USLAW Iraq Solidarity Fund, 1718 M Street, NW #153, Washington, DC 20036.

Ask your union, labor council or other organization to make its own contribution. 


Thanks in advance for your support and solidarity with the labor movement of Iraq.  Please encourage others to also make a contribution.

USLAW Co-convenors
   Kathy Black
   Gene Bruskin
   Eileen Connelly
   Fred Mason
   Bob Muehlenkamp
   Nancy Wohlforth

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