Iraq Freedom Congress Statement

We received this statement relayed through an e-mail message from Amjad Al-Jawhary of the Federation of Worker Councils and Unions of Iraq. The translation has been subsequently edited by Sid Shniad.  The message comes through loud and clear and deserves wide circulation.

No to deepening the sectarian hatred policy… lets stand against the sectarian war

An armed sectarian group has bombed one of the holiest sites in Shiite Islam in Iraq, sparking furious protests. Another, similar group in Baghdad attacked at least five Sunni mosques and burned many vehicles belonging to the ministry of interior in reprisal raids, with disturbances reported in other cities.

Following these incidents, a climate of fear and tension has dominated the country, drawing worries in the faces of the people who are afraid of a war of retaliation erupting between Shiite and Sunni followers.

The carnage in Iraq today, caused by sectarian gangs, follows from the occupation policies that created and imposed ethnic and sectarian division on the Iraqi people through a governing council and a sectarian constitution, ending up with the current appointed government.

Imposing the sectarian policy of division, killing people based on their religious and ethnic identities, and attacking their mosques and churches are all part of the sectarian gangs’ strategy to create a situation in which they will be able to dictate the country’s laws and exercise uncontrolled power. The strategy of spreading anarchy and destabilizing the current fragile situation is designed to ignite civil war. And the occupying troops are the main reason standing behind these situations.

Iraqi People…

The Iraq Freedom Congress condemns the attack on the holy places of any sect or religion. It warns Iraqis not to be drawn into the sectarian conflict. Such conflict is not in the interest of the people. Innocents will pay a heavy price, serving the sectarian gangs’ goals. The Iraq Freedom Congress believes that prosperity, safety and freedom will not prevail unless the occupation is ended and a non-ethnic, non-religious state is established.

The Iraq Freedom Congress calls on the Iraqi people to join its ranks, bare its flags, and declare… Not Shiite Identity… Not Sunni Identity … ours is the Human Identity.

Iraq Freedom Congress

February 22, 2006