First of May...The International Workers’ Day

The workers of the world along with the freedom-loving powers are celebrating the first of May, North and South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia, all across our planet. It is the day of solidarity to commemorate the Chicago workers who gave their lives confronting the capitalism a century ago. Today millions of people stand together for freedom and equality, and fight the injustice of capitalism and their allies; the enemy of man kind.

Despite the differences in race, color, language, ethnicity, and culture the workers gathered behind the same goals and interests. From the occupied Iraq to the Unite States and United Kingdom who their tanks occupy Iraq and assaulting viciously the innocent civilians, the workers however raise the same banner of demands.

Three years of US led occupation and the false claims of establishing democracy, nevertheless they spread horror, fears, and destruction, imposed armed militia to suppress the society and force their reactionary rules in many regions in the country. The government in power divided the society into sects and groups based on language and religion and distributed power based on quota system pushing the society into a sectarian conflict resulted in slaying thousands of civilians and displacing thousands of families.

Tackling the imposed dark scenario, a radical labor movement seeks to push for its liberating alternative. It raised a slogan stating “Ending the Occupation is the workers’ Responsibility” realizing that the workers are in the forefront of fighting and ending the occupation.

Remarkably enough that amidst the sectarian beheadings and bloody fight, no single ethnic or religious based argument or row was recorded or witnessed among the workers. In fact the workers raised radical slogans demanding the improvement of their life conditions, extending their freedom, and revoking the still imposed former regime labor law. This phenomenon demonstrates a significant moral presented by the workers who did not get carried along with the sectarian violence and realized that their interests and goals require their unity and integration. Furthermore the workers realized that being carried away with the policies that attempt to crumble them will keep the current situations intact rather. As a result, the workers along with the other inhabitants of many neighborhoods that witnessed sectarian violence, decided to arm themselves and protect their families and neighborhoods regardless of whether they are Sunnis or Shiites.

The workers actually send clear message stating that despite their tragic conditions, they are able to decide their own fate and capable of salvaging the society from these current situations.

The unification of the workers and their goals and interests is the only way to end the present situations and establish a society of freedom and equality.

Long Live May First
Long Live Freedom and Equality


Falah Alwan
Federation of workers councils and Unions in Iraq, President

April 26, 2006