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Labor & the Environment

Beds Are Burning - TckTckTck Campaign (time4climatejustice)
Beds Are Burning - TckTckTck Campaign (time4climatejustice)

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Video: Science of Climate Change
Christine Frank at the New Crises, New Agendas conference

Bill Onasch by Stuart_E
Lessons Of World War II Economic Conversion
 Bill Onasch at New Crises, New Agendas Conference

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The British Campaign against Climate Change (CaCC) trade union group set up a commission to produce a detailed plan for a million 'climate' jobs. You can read it online, or download a PDF version, by clicking here.

For A Just Transition

Labor Party Greetings To Kansas City ‘Step It Up’ Rally, April 14, 2007

Labor and Environmental Movements Are Natural Allies
Presentation at Labor and Sustainability Conference, St Paul, January 19-20, 2007

Global Capital’s Turbulent Trifecta

Some major environmental groups

Blue Green Alliance
Friends of the Earth
World Wildlife Fund

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