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Some E-Mail Responses to An Open Letter to the Kansas City Peace Movement

From Bill Douglas

I suggest that the anti-war movement be an educational tool for those coming to this out of anti-war sentiment for the current situation.

Educating that alternative energy is being held back, due to oil greed, and that corporations profiting off war, and the unfair exploitation of 3rd world resources, the degradation of the environment, and the standard of living for all Americans is all inextricably intertwined is a critical point that must be made.

I fear that if this mass coming together of humanity against this war, is not used as an educational catalyst to expand Americans knowledge of the above connections . . . we will have squandered a unique moment in history.

Our infrastructure is crumbling because the nation is being looted by oil and military industry.  Not my opinion, but fact.  Profiteering has been behind most wars.  Even World War II, which my father served 3 years in almost constant front line combat zones, was likely avoidable.  The Nazi war machine was fueled by US corporations, and Bush's grandfather made handsome profits supplying the Nazi's heavy steel, etc.  My father left the war to work for a major oil company the rest of his life.  I recently became aware that this company made a fortune fueling the Nazi war machine that chewed up my father's psyche and the lives of many of his friends.  The greed/military economy must be faced in order to do real good with this movement.

When I originally became involved in the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Movement in the 80's, thru that I got to know catholic nuns working in Central America, and eventually served in a Salvadoran refugee camp.  This experience shifted my entire outlook on globalization, environment, and corporate domination of u.s. policy at home and abroad

If we only stop this hiccup, called the Iraq war, and squander the opportunity to educate all who come to this movement on the larger issue of the permanent war/oil economy . . . it will be a temporary hollow victory. And we will spend the rest of our lives battling against the next wars of conquest.

The adage, there can be no peace without justice, is not a pretty bumper sticker.  It is an absolute reality.  If those who fear war are not educated of the injustice behind the endless creation of wars, we will be doing them, ourselves, our nation, and our world a tremendous disservice.

Bill Douglas