Discussion On the Future Of the American Labor Movement

Organized labor has been on the decline for decades and the working class as a whole has suffered consequently. Now with the second Bush administration ready to kick ass our chronic problems have become an acute crisis. Can ways be found to turn this around, to rebuild a labor movement that can defend and advance the interests of American working people? One hopeful sign is that a serious discussion is emerging in both leadership circles and among the ranks about the future direction of labor. We will use this page to facilitate a frank, wide ranging exchange of ideas. We invite you to not only follow it but to participate as well.

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Another Choice For South Carolina—An Example For Us All
by Bill Onasch

Immigrant Rights
by Bill Onasch

The UAW Convention
Part Three—
Toward A Long Term Strategy For All Fronts

by Bill Onasch

The UAW Convention
Part Two—Bureaucrats and Dissidents

by Bill Onasch

The UAW Convention
Part One—Selective Memory and a Cold Forge

by Bill Onasch

UAW Helps Accelerate Attrition At GM—May Be Forced To Fight Delphi
by Bill Onasch

Cars and Care: GM's Jobs Bank
by Andrew Pollack

The Strike at Northwest Airlines: Where Is Labor Going?
by Peter Rachleff

No Blood For Coal!
by Bill Onasch

Transit Worker Heroes Stand Up For All Workers, Stave off Pension Giveback
But Toussaint caves in, gives up on healthcare premiums

by Andrew Pollack and Marty Goodman

Is The Strike Dead? Not According To Bob Schwartz.....
by Steve Early

Myth of Benevolent Roosevelt Democrats: The Real Deal on the ‘New Deal’
by Andrew Pollack

UAW Capitulation Leaves All Of Us Vulnerable In Class War
by Bill Onasch

An Open Letter to the Labor Movement Regarding Katrina

'New Politics' Not on CTWC Agenda
by Steve Early

Labor Day Poses Hard Questions
by Peter Rachleff

Solidarity Must Be Unconditional
by Bill Onasch

Golden Anniversary Marked By Family Feud
by Bill Onasch
[This is an updated, expanded version of a previously posted article, First Take On the Split]

Art, Sparks and Labor Splits 
by Mike Alewitz

The Top 10 Problems with the Current 'Crisis' in the Labor Movement
by Rose Ann DeMoro

The Failure of Partnership
by Lee Sustar

Tiny Labor
by Barbara Ehrenreich

Fightback Needed Against GM Threats Jobs, Healthcare to Be Slashed in Auto
by Andrew Pollack

From 'Unite to Win' to 'Split to Win' at AFL-CIO’s July Convention?
by David Jones

Labor Imperialism Redux?: The AFL-CIO's Foreign Policy Since 1995
by Kim Scipes

Labor Movements: Is There Hope?
by Fernando E. Gapasin and Michael D. Yates

Saving ‘Our’ Airline or Saving Labor?
by Andrew Pollack

A Top Banana Split?
by Bill Onasch

Black Labor's Voice Amidst the Madness
Black Commentator

The Labor Party: Past and Possible Future
by Robert H. Mast

Saving the Right to Organize: Substituting the Thirteenth Amendment for the Wagner Act
by Mark Dudzic

U.S. Labor In Crisis: - The Current Internal Debate and the Role of Democracy in its Revitalization
by Jerry Tucker

They Came, They Met, They Went Home…AFL-CIO Execs Stand Pat in Las Vegas
by David Jones

No Short-Cuts: Mobilization and Politics Must Drive Labor's Revival from the Bottom Up
by Hetty Rosenstein and Bob Master

The Debate Continues: A Revitalized Labor Movement Needs a New Vision of Politics
by Mark Dudzic

No Real Labor ‘Reform’ Without Blacks

A ‘Labor Intensive’ Strategy For Building Workers' Power
by Peter Rachleff

‘New Unity’ or Six Feet Under? Where Is the AFL-CIO Going?
by David Jones

Can Labor Go Beyond Diversity Lite?
by Dwight Kirk

Reinventing Trade Unionism For the 21st Century

The Fight for Our Future
by Christopher Hayes

A midlife `divorce' for labor?
by Steve Early

Labor Needs A Radical Vision
by David Bacon

Tiocfaidh ár Lá–Maybe In 2005?
by Bill Onasch

The Labor Party: What It Is, What It Isn’t, What We Hope It To Become
by Bill Onasch

What Next for the Labor Party?
by Jerry Gordon, Chair, Ohio State Labor Party

After the Elections: What Next?
by Mark Dudzic, Labor Party National Organizer

Time for A Grand Discussion At Last?
by Bill Onasch

Reutherism Redux: What Happens When Poor Workers' Unions Wear The Color Purple
by Steve Early

A Proposal for a 21st Century Trade Union Education League
An attempt to solve the current crisis of organizing the unorganized

by Judy Atkins and David Cohen

The ‘Million Worker March’ and the Need for a Class Struggle Left Wing in the Unions
by Tom Barrett

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