Celebrate May Day With The Kansas City Labor Party!

May Day is a workers holiday throughout most of the world. In many countries it is a paid day off. Unions and working class political parties often organize mass marches and rallies.

Most Americans think of May Day as something "foreign," "communist." As a matter of fact the roots of May Day as a day for workers are in the United States. Internationally coordinated commemorations began in solidarity with the struggle in this country for the eight-hour work day—long before the formation of the Communist Party. Prior to the 1950s May Day celebrations were not uncommon in the USA.

May Day in America and Canada became a victim of the Cold War. We were told by the Establishment that expressing working class solidarity is subversive and un-American. We've all paid dearly for accepting this decree by the bosses.

In our own small way, we plan to reclaim this part of working class heritage—and have a good time doing so! Join us!

Sunday, May 1, Noon-4PM
Shelter #2, Macken Park, North Kansas City

We'll provide brats, beans, and soft drinks. We ask you to bring side dishes and desserts to share around. We'll have some brief talks and music. Macken Park has some excellent recreational facilities.

In keeping with both the character of being an event suitable for families, and laws and rules governing the park, this picnic will be free of alcohol, and, of course, illegal drugs.

So that we may be adequately prepared we ask that you RSVP by e-mail: kcalp@kclabor.org or telephone: 816-753-1672.

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From Downtown/Midtown take Heart of America Bridge/Burlington/Rt 9 to 23rd Avenue; Right/East on 23rd to Howell; Left/North on Howell to Shelter #2, the northern-most shelter.
Those coming off Paseo Bridge or 435 Bridge, exit on Armour Road/210 west to Howell; North on Howell to Shelter#2