Calling All Labor, Health Care, Transit and Environmental Advocates—Let's Talk

The Fall Labor Party Issues Mini-Conference
Saturday, October 6, North Kansas City Library

251 Howell St, North Kansas City, MO

10AM—The Post-SiCKO Fight For Health Care
Michael Moore’s film stoked new interest and outrage about America’s health care system. As the USA slips to 42nd place in the world in life span, as employers force workers to make concessions to maintain insurance, both the White House and congressional leaders talk only of inconsequential patches to a failed system. There is a bill in congress that would give us the kind of health care most other countries enjoy and we deserve. HR 676, introduced by Rep John Conyers, embraces the basic components of the Labor Party’s Just Health Care program. Inspired by an aggressive campaign by the California Nurses Association, hundreds of union bodies have endorsed this fight for single-payer health care.
Report by Bill Onasch,

Midwest Chapter Representative to the Labor Party Interim National Council

11AM—The Kansas City Transit Crisis
Tiring of more than a decade of studies and talk leading to nothing, Kansas City voters sent a message to the Establishment by approving the Chastain Plan for light rail. Unfortunately, that plan is unworkable. A move is afoot to repeal last year’s vote and the ATA is organizing yet more studies. Meanwhile, traffic congestion grows, ozone alerts are rising, global warming heats up, and even the present inadequate bus system is threatened with collapse. It’s high time for labor to unite with community and environmental allies for a plan to rescue and expand this vital public service.

Report by Tony Saper,

ATU Local 1287 representative to the Regional Transit Alliance

12:30—Lunch (available on site)

1PM—‘Just Transition’—Saving Good Jobs Along With Our Environment

Special Guest Speaker—Mark Dudzic

Mark Dudzic is a business agent of Steelworkers Local 4-149 on leave while serving as National Organizer of the Labor Party. Mark collaborated closely with the late Tony Mazzocchi in developing the concept of “Just Transition,” to protect workers displaced by needed environmental restructuring of our economy. All would be retrained and placed in new jobs, with middle class income guaranteed through the transition to a greener world.

All are welcome. Admission is free—donations for lunch and other expenses will be gratefully accepted. There will be discussion time after each presentation.

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From Downtown: Heart of America Bridge, Burlington, Armour Road to Howell
From I-35 exit westbound Armour Road, to Howell


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