Alaska Air Flight Attendants Oppose War

A Resolution For the New Year

Last October AFL-CIO Pres. John Sweeney in a letter to Congress
questioned the wisdom and the necessity to wage war with Iraq. Although
Saddam Husseim is a menace, Sweeney urged that our policy towards Iraq
not distract from the war on terrorism and the al Qaida terrorist
network.   Recently AFA Int'l President Pat Friend sent a version of an
anti-war resolution to all MEC councils and thus opened the door for
flight attendants to address the issue of war and its impact on the
aviation industry.

Since the events of September 11, the aviation industry has been in an
economic tailspin. Thousands of airline workers have been laid off, two
major carriers are in bankruptcy and employees continue to give
concessions in wages and benefits at other airlines.  If a war were to
ensue, we can only forsee higher fuel costs, higher security costs, and
a drop in business and pleasure travel.  Even top Alaska management has
recognized the impact such an event would have on the airline's 'bottom
line'.  Alarmingly, airlines and airplanes could once again be the
target of retaliatory terrorist attacks. John Sweeney ends his letter by
saying,  "after all it will be the sons and daughters of America's
working families who will be asked to carry out this mission."  We know
at Alaska Airlines that some of our own rank and file, our fellow
workers will be put in harm's way.

After much deliberation the Alaska MEC leadership unanimously adopted a
resolution with the sincere belief that a war with the Iraqi people is
not in the best interest of flight attendants or this nation, and with
sensitivity to those among our ranks in the armed services who will be
making the greatest sacrifice.

In solidarity,

Beverly Bullock
Erin Gailey
MEC Legislative Affairs

January 15, 2003

Association of Flight Attendants, AFL-CIO
Alaska Airlines Master Executive Council

Resolution condemning a United States unilateral war with Iraq

WHEREAS, the US airline industry is in economic distress continuing to
lose millions of dollars, and

WHEREAS, airline management will continue to ask for flight attendant
concessions to their wages and benefits, and

WHEREAS, any increase in operating costs or reduction in revenue will
put serious strain on the financial condition of our airlines and
endanger the continuing existence of many US airlines, and

WHEREAS, a US preemptive war with Iraq is sure to cause an immediate
increase in the cost of jet fuel, higher security costs and fewer
business and pleasure travelers, and

WHEREAS, we fully support the hard working men and women of our armed
forces and are concerned for their safety, and

WHEREAS, we remember that the first victim of September 11th, 2001 was a
flight attendant,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Alaska AFA Master Executive Council
on behalf of our flight attendant members and their families calls upon
President George W. Bush and the current US political leadership to seek
any and all alternative means for addressing the lawlessness of Iraqi
President Saddam Hussein, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Council holds strongly the belief that
a war with the Iraqi people is not in the best interest of flight
attendants and other airline workers, and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that we urge President Bush and members of the
US Congress to stop the plans for war and redirect resources to help the
thousands of unemployed airline workers, stabilize the financially
troubled airline industry and fight the daily threat of domestic

This resolution was unanimously adopted by the AFA Alaska Airlines
Master Executive Council on January 15, 2003