Alliance for Class & Climate Justice
Promoting a Working Class Movement For a Peaceful, Sustainable, Full Employment Economy

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Who We Are
We're Midwest trade unionists seeking to advance working class education and mobilization around the greatest challenge yet faced by humanity—climate change. We welcome collaboration with those who agree with our Call anywhere on the planet. You can read our Call here

You can download a 2-page printable PDF version of our Call by clicking here

Podcast interview with Bill Onasch about Alliance for Class and Climate Justice

We Invite You To Join Us
If you agree with the perspective laid out in our Call please add your name to it and sign up for our e-mail network. Send us a message including your name, city and country of residence, and your e-mail address to:

Resources and Links

Climate Change Has Begun–What Can We Do About It?
Two Presentations To the KC Labor Forum, June 12 and July 10, 2011

Labor & Environment

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The British Campaign against Climate Change (CaCC) trade union group set up a commission to produce a detailed plan for a million 'climate' jobs. You can read it online, or download a PDF version, by clicking here.

Climate and Capitalism

Australian Climate Scientist's Rap Video

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