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Special May Day Celebration

May Day is an international worker holiday that originated in the USA 130 years ago. Over the years it came to be mainly observed in other lands. More recently, it has been revived in this country by immigrant workers.

This May Day American working people face our most serious challenges in living memory. GIs have been sent off to fight three wars abroad while we face a class war here at home.

But recently the working class has started to pull ourselves together, fighting back against the attacks by employers and the politicians they retain. The mass mobilizations in defense of union rights in Wisconsin inspired many others to do the same. The recent We Are One actions involved hundreds of thousands of participants in virtually every community across the land.

April 4 We Are One Action at 47 & Main, Kansas City
Photo by good4kidz

In the best tradition of working class unity around this special day, we are presenting a program of speakers representing a wide selection of active currents in the local working class movement. There will also be music, refreshments, literature tables—and plenty of discussion.

Sunday, May 1, 1:30 PM
North Kansas City Library

2251 Howell Street—North Kansas City
Free Admission—Donations Accepted

From Downtown: Heart of America Bridge-Burlington (Rt 9), East on Armour Road to Howell
From I-35 exit westbound Armour Road, to Howell

Confirmed Speakers

Judy Ancel
Director, Institute for Labor Studies, on the History of May Day

Brian Elam
Rail labor activist will advocate the need for a Labor Party

Molly Barlow
Molly will update us on the Jobs with Justice Missouri minimum wage campaign

Dr Fred Lee
Economics faculty, UMKC, will speak about the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)

Anne Prtichett
A We Are One event organizer and an embattled KCMO teacher, Anne will address both

Aaron Anderson and Allen Green
will share a presentation about Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)

Bill Onasch webmaster will explain the Alliance for Class & Climate Justice

For more information go to or call 816-753-1672

In June, the KC Labor Forum will resume our regular schedule and venue—second Sunday of each month, 2-4 PM, at the North Kansas City Community Center

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