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Labor Day 2006 Special

Bill Onasch, webmaster,

Labor Day emerged from a strange history. Anchoring a three-day weekend at the end of summer it has given rise to various rituals. The most popular practice in the temperate regions of America is one last fling at outdoor activities. In some areas there are union parades and picnics.

For the mainstream media it is occasion for superficial “analysis” of the labor movement. On this web site we generally try to mark the first Monday of September with a more substantial look at the state of the class struggle, both in the United States and throughout the rest of our planet.

This year we begin with some brief comments by three labor movement veterans—

Ed Bruno
Peter Rachleff
Chris Townsend

Then, we’ll frame some of the key issues we see facing the working class today—

Immigrant Rights
Wages—Coming Soon
Health Care—Coming soon
Labor Law—Coming soon
Political Action—Coming Soon

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