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The 2004 Election and the
Fight For Just Health Care

Saturday, November 15, 2 PM
North Kansas City Library

2251 Howell Street North Kansas City

From Downtown: Heart of America Bridge, Burlington, Armour Road to Howell
From I-35 exit westbound Armour Road, to Howell

For directions or more information call: 816-221-3638

Health care is, without a doubt, the domestic issue of most concern to working people. The United States is the only industrialized country where health care is controlled by the market place. That’s why, even though we spend far more money than any other country, our health care delivery is way behind others in World Health Organization ratings.

Most health care "reforms" advocated by Democrat and Republican politicians consist of funneling even more tax payer money into the coffers of health insurance and pharmacy companies—the very forces mainly responsible for our health care crisis.

The Labor Party has a different approach. Our plan—called Just Health Care —would make health care a public service, available to all, paid for by society as a whole. Just Health Care would guarantee the right to choose your own doctor. And we’ve had experts do the math and can show how this system would cost less than what we collectively pay for health care now.

Bill Onasch will be reporting back about a Labor Party Midwest regional conference on Just Health Care held in Chicago October 17-18. Other speakers are invited. Admission is free; donations accepted. We hope you will join us.

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